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How to protect yourself? Amateurs of hiking outdoor must know these! ( PART 3 )

Travelers, let’s continue with the tips in outdoor to keep you safe!


Rule No. 11: How to choose hiking socks

Staying outdoor means you are probably going to walk a lot, so the right socks for outdoor are as important as a pair of hiking shoes. You may be thinking of wearing a pair of socks that is thick enough to make your feet feel better, I would say two pairs of thin socks that are made of fast-dry material would play a better effect while in outdoors. And they are also easier to dry up then thick socks.

Rule No. 12: Always check up what’s in your shoes before wearing them

There are many insects and animals in the outdoor, and as we all know, some of them are tiny but poisonous, such as some spiders and small snakes. They may think your shoes are warm and decide to stay there for a night while you are sleeping in the tent. If you didn’t check up your shoes and just wear in them, the poison of these animals may cost you injured or maybe worse dead.

Rule No. 13: Do stretching before outdoor activities

This is one of the most basic rules to keep you safe in outdoor. You will move and exercise a lot, so remember to do stretching and warm up your body and muscles to prevent injuries. If you sprain your ankle, which commonly happens during outdoor activities, stop immediately and massage your ankle. A sprain is more difficult to recover than the wound on your skin. Do stretching to get yourself ready for the adventure.

Rule No. 14: Wear right pants for outdoor

Do not wear jeans while you go hiking! Jeans and some other tight pants can bring you muscle cramps easily. Better wear loose hiking pants.


Rule No. 15: Buy an outdoor insurance

Remember to buy and outdoor insurance before you start your adventure. Of course all of us hope that we don’t need it and always be safe out there, but it is always better to have a guarantee.


Good luck with your adventures. We will keep updating more tips in the next chapter.

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