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Microfiber Towel Buying Tips 1: EVA case? What's the difference?

  As we all know,it is important to use the right towel for the right job. If you visit the towel list of 4monster you may find so many different kinds of towels and start thinking about: Where the hell sould I start?!Are they all the same or all different?
Don't worry, I am going to tell something about the differences between the similar items on the first sight.
EVA Case Towels: What is an EVA case?

EVA rubber and plastic products are new environmentally friendly plastic foam materials, which have good buffering, shack resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance chemical corrosion resistance, ect., and are non-toxic and non-absorbent. It is light weight at the same time.
4Monster now has 2 different types of EVA case towels and they are both microfiber fabric.
The EVA case 100% polyester towel is the classic item and one of the bestsellers of 4Monster. 100% polyester fabric material feels like the softest eyeglasses cloth which is smoother and lighter, the dry-fast and easy carry functions make it the best item to carry while you want to do some work out in a gym or go for a jugging in the park. The EVA case polyester towel is very small and easy to carry, many gym lovers use this item everyday. If you have a kid, it is also good to put one in your car. Always need to whipe up while kids are around.
Another 4Monster towel in EVA case is also microbiber fabric but it's a terry towel. The material of our terry towel is 85% of polyester and 15% of polyamide.Terry towel is more absorbent, good to be used after shower in the gym or in your daily life.It's also thicker and feels more fluffy on your skin then polyester fabric.
They are both made out of microfiber fabric but are different type.This is some times a taste question. So choose the one you perfer and meets your need.

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