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Our new product: Compressed Disposable towels (2)

Today we continue to introduce the knowledge about compressed towels,also called as Coin Tissue.


7. The use of compressed towels:

Compressed towels have no requirements for water temperature. Open the sealed packaging bag, and it will absorb water and swell when placed in water. Depending on the size and cotton content, it will fully expand after 3-6 seconds of water absorption.


8.Disposable towel

Compressed towels are generally disposable. "Compressed" refers to a way of packaging, which is convenient for carrying on business trips. It can be used in place of ordinary towels. Because it is compressed, it is very convenient to carry. Use the same towel.

However, the actual life of compressed towels is different due to the different raw materials.

Non-cotton non-woven compressed towels or inferior knitted towels are cheap, small in size, easy to break, and easy to chip, so there is no need for recycling.

The cotton non-woven compressed towel has the characteristics of pure cotton skin-friendly, soft and comfortable texture, does not hurt the skin, does not lose dandruff, has strong water absorption, good toughness, portable and hygienic, and can effectively prevent cross-infection of germs, so it can be reused. .

The quality of knitted knitted towels after unfolding is the same as ordinary towels. They are made of cotton or cotton and can be recycled.

Compressed towels cannot lose the basic functions of towels. Clean and portable is a unique property of compressed towels, and it cannot be reduced for portability.

How to determine if it is one time

Clean the compressed towel after using it once, then dry it again and put it into the water. If it is not easy to break, and it does not cause chipping, it can be reused.

Actually, whether "disposable" is judged by the quality of compressed towels and your own hygiene requirements.

9. Maintenance of compressed towels

Unopened bags of compressed towels, such as one-star cotton pearl-print compressed towels, have a shelf life of 3-5 years due to the manufacturing process, waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-bacterial; while other brands of paper tube, due to air humidity, The paper is prone to moisture and other reasons, the shelf life is relatively close.

If you are using a reusable compressed towel, after using it, be sure to clean and disinfect it regularly, and then dry it in a ventilated place, so as not to get germs.


10. Characteristics of compressed towel

Small and exquisite: The volume of the towel is reduced by 80% to 90%;

Strong practicability: solve the hygiene problems of hotels and daily towels;

Easy to carry: plastic individually packaged;

Cleaning and sanitation: high temperature, high pressure, ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, and the shell adopts advanced PVC packaging technology;

Novel and diverse: can be designed into various shapes and patterns;

Disease prevention: bring your own to prevent cross infection;

Easy to use: Soak in water and use it;

Suction release water: it expands and swells when it meets water, and dries as soon as it is twisted;

Affordable: Non-woven fabrics are cheaper than woven fabrics;

Soft and comfortable: Cotton products are soft and comfortable.


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