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Outdoor leader ability

The overall ability of the outdoor team leader is quite extensive, and the hard skills are various technical operations, such as maps, ropes, equipment, food, camps, and so on.Soft skills are mainly leadership, quality and literacy, team management, insight, etc.

The frequent occurrence of outdoor accidents has a great or even direct relationship with the team leader's understanding of the route, the team members' understanding of the accident situation, the team's understanding of the route and the team, and their own management capabilities.

It's a pity that everyone regards outdoor as a cheap way of traveling, and they don't want to spend too much time on cognition and improvement.


There are some skills we think a leader must have.

First: have as much outdoor experience as possible, have a keen sense in the activity, be able to find problems before the team members have an accident, stop the development of the situation, and put forward opinions that can convince the public.

Second: You can formulate a feasible and rational plan based on the actual situation at the time of the activity, and listen to the suggestions of the team members for a comprehensive analysis.

Third: In the event of an accident, there is an emergency response capability. Don't panic, calm and calm, have the ability to stabilize the team's uneasy emotions, have the knowledge and operation skills for emergency treatment of injuries.

Fourth: have the ability to analyze and control emergency situations, and minimize damage: have the courage to protect the big.

Fifth: have a keen eye on the players, and can quickly distinguish and find the players who are prone to accidents and can act. Treat them separately and give certain team members tasks they can take on.

Sixth: In an emergency, you can have the early preparation and ability to connect with social security rescue forces. If it can't, it must have the physical ability to leave the team and go out to find all the help alone.

Seventh: law. Familiar with each case of the existing relevant laws and existing outdoor accident handling process.

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