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To enjoy outdoor activities with your kids, should know… …(Part 2)

In our last article we shared two tips about keeping your kids safe while exploring the nature. Today we are gonna share more tips to protect your kids in outdoor activities!


Tip 3. Look out for what they wear.

Young children under 8 years old may have poor balance and poor coordination. In order to protect them from getting hurt badly, they should put on suitable shoes that fits their feet, the shoes should be comfortable for them to wear while doing outdoor activities. And parents should always pay attention to whether the laces on their shoes are loose. Stepping on loosen laces can make them fall over and get hurt easily.

And kids usually swear heavily during the activities of exploring nature. Therefore, do not aske them to put on too many clothes, take off their clothes before exploring and ask them to put on in break time or after the activities. This can help kids avoid catching cold from sweating effectively. The clothes kids wear inside those are covering the skin, I would suggest cotton products which can absorb sweat in time.

Tight-fitting and air-impermeable clothing can restrain the movement of children’s muscles, which and easily cause strains and adverse skin reactions.

Also, before activities, you should check up their pockets, especially something sharp. Take away sharp stuff from their pockets to ensure their safety.


Tip 4. Make sure they get enough water.

Sweating after exercise will consume a lot of water in kids’ body. Always prepare enough water or juicy fruit for kids so that they can replenish water in their bodies in time to avoid feeling uncomfortable or getting heat stroke.

Tip 5. Teach kids how to protect themselves in daily life.

Teach them to watch out for some visible dangers and some safety knowledge in daily life such as not pushing while walking and so on to avoid falling over on the road.


Keep all five tips in your mind while exploring outdoors with your kids and you can help keeping the kids safe in outdoors. Hope you have a great time having fun with your family!

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