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What exactly do we need to prepare something before riding?

Many people do not know how to prepare before each ride, and many riders are not prepared enough. If you want to make a better riding experience, you need to prepare well before riding. Here is a brief introduction of several things to prepare before riding, if you have different insights welcome to leave a comment.


First of all, you should eat some easily digestible food before riding, high-fat and high-fiber food is best not to eat. Eat high-fiber foods before riding, such as salads or vegetables that do not contain starch. These foods take time to digest, so they are stored in the stomach for a longer period of time. Also, foods containing high fat content should not be eaten. Because these foods are digested very slowly, which has an impact on the desire to maintain good physical condition before the ride. We can eat some carbohydrates.

Also, bring enough water, water is a necessity, the best way is to take in about 450 grams of water slowly about 1 hour before the ride so that it is almost drained before the ride. During the ride, just replenish the water once every hour or so, just drink a few sips.


Also, it is crucial to check the brakes, especially for riders who have long-distance riding plans. It is really bad to find out that the brakes are not working after riding for a while. It is advisable to check your mountain bike accessories before riding, such as whether the tires are leaking, whether the brakes are not working, or whether the pedals are slack, etc. All these conditions without attention can actually cause unnecessary danger to your ride. It's best to check a few days in advance, or leave some time to get a mechanic to fix the problem at the store if there is one. Make sure the chain is lubricated, the tires are not punctured, and the brakes are good.


This last point is crucial, before you set off on your ride be sure to tell your family or friends where you are going. Everything needs to be done in advance as a precaution. In short, it is important to do a full job of safety.

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