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Why is it so difficult to start fitness / training?

It’s easy to build a fitness program, but it’s not that simple to keep on practicing as planned. Usually, it is easier to give up exercise than to stick to it, but if you have goals and desires, you can achieve your fitness goals.

The following suggestions and exercises will teach you how to stick to your fitness plan.


Choose some interesting sports and start slowly

When people choose their favorite activities and can decide the rate of increasing intensity on their own, they are more likely to stick to an exercise program. So, if you feel that you are fighting against your body while running, then consider trying a different exercise method. You can turn to strength training or start cycling. To obtain lasting results, the most reliable method is to train in layers step by step, and slowly increase the level based on your past. In other words, don't start training hard overnight. Try to enter the training state easily to avoid physical and mental burnout.


Don't be swayed by negative emotions

When you lack motivation, the best way you can change your mental state is to change your physical state. The more you try to suppress a certain idea (for example, I really don't want to exercise today), the stronger this kind of idea becomes. This explains why the first mile of a runner, or the warm-up of weightlifters, is often the most difficult part of exercise. Therefore, when you lack motivation, it is best not to enter training directly, and energy and motivation will follow.


Don't fight alone

One of the most powerful motivations for people to start and stick to an exercise program is to have a team that supports their exercise. As for finding the ideal training partner, you'd better find someone who is similar to your physical condition or better. The researchers found that when people exercise with people they think are slightly healthier than themselves, their exercise time and intensity increase by 200%.


Set a realistic fitness goal

To adhere to fitness training, it is essential to set a realistic goal. On the road to fitness, step by step is the best training method. If running a marathon is your goal, and you haven't had the experience of running before, then you should start with 5 kilometers as the target, then 10 kilometers, and so on.In the process, you may not feel much change at first, but through a period of accumulation, you will be surprised how far you have run after a few weeks and what you can achieve at that time.



Be patient

Things that feel difficult today may not be so difficult tomorrow.


There are countless hours of hard work behind every breakthrough, and some people still choose to insist when it should be easier to give up. The above exercises can help you do the same thing.

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