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Maintenance of outdoor sleeping bags

Purchasing a sleeping bag with excellent performance is a considerable expense, as long as possible to extend its service life, it will reduce your cost of use. How to extend the service life of the sleeping bag, we are asked a question of correct use and maintenance.


Although the sleeping bag can be cleaned, whether it is a cotton sleeping bag or a down sleeping bag, cleaning will reduce its usage index. Especially the incorrect cleaning method may mess up your sleeping bag.


When using sleeping bags, the most contaminated area is the head. In order to reduce the number of cleanings, some sleeping bags are equipped with a removable movable pad on the head. After a period of use, you can remove and wash it. If you don’t have this kind of padding, you might as well wear a cap when using a sleeping bag to get the same effect.


Even if it is used with great care, it needs to be washed over time. Generally speaking, low-grade sleeping bags have relatively low requirements for washing. Because of their low price, they are really not easy to use. They don’t cost much money to change one. High-end sleeping bags are different. Proper use and maintenance will greatly reduce your expenditure. For the down sleeping bag, please remember not to use the home washing machine to wash, the small washing machine will make your precious down sleeping bag into garbage. The best way to wash down sleeping bags is to do it yourself. In the bathtub, slowly wash with a lot of soap, it will make your sleeping bag very smooth.


The most important thing is the drying of the down sleeping bag after washing. This is a matter of extreme patience. The most ideal way is to put the sleeping bag in a large drum dryer, dry slowly at low temperature, and continuously interrupt the drying. Procedure, take out the sleeping bag to find a piece of wet velvet, gently knead it, and then continue the drying process, until the fluffiness of the new down sleeping bag is reached. It is very important to avoid the urge to dry at high temperatures, otherwise, the nylon The fabric was baked into contracture scars.


As for the storage and storage of sleeping bags, compression storage is not a good way, because down sleeping bags need to breathe. The best way to store down sleeping bags is to choose a large and breathable storage bag to keep it in a fluffy state. Down products are not allowed to be wet and should be kept dry. The ventilated place is that after using the down sleeping bag outdoors, try to expose to the sun and blow the wind as much as possible to keep the sleeping bag dry and loose. If such conditions are not available in the wild, this procedure must not be omitted after returning home.

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