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Purchase of outdoor tents(2)

There are three kinds of support methods for common tents:


  1. Inner support and outer cover, that is, use the bracket to support the inner tent, then cover the waterproof outer tent and fix it. This bracing method is relatively convenient, and most tents use the inner bracing method.


  1. External support and internal hanging, that is, first hold up the external account, and then hang the internal account on the external account. This bracing method is more conducive to rain, because the internal account of the internal hanging always keeps a certain distance from the external account, but it takes some time to support for the first time. E225 uses this support method;


  1. It is supported by a single frame, and then fixed by the roof and the rope. The supporting environment of this type of tent is limited, and it must be an environment capable of pegs or tethers. On concrete floors and hard stone floors, the tent cannot stand automatically. Single pole tents and roof tents use this method of support.


Before buying a tent, ask 3 questions:


  1. In what season or environment do you want to use the tent every year?


  1. How many people often use the tent?


  1. How much do you want to spend?


If you only use the tent in the spring, summer, and autumn seasons, and use it in low altitude areas (under 2000 meters), ordinary PU1000 to 1500 glass pole tents are enough. If you like long-distance travel for 1 person, buy a single tent, or a tent for 1 or 2 people, such as a single pole tent, or JWS tent; if it is 2 or 3 people, choose a tent of the corresponding size, generally everyone occupies The width is 55 to 60 cm. The SUNSHINE account is 1.4 meters wide, so it is a 2-person account. The E225 is 165 cm wide and has 2-3 people. The LD110 is 2 meters wide and is a 4-person account. When introducing a tent for 2-3 people, it can be understood as follows: if it is a thin person, 3 people, if it is a fat person, 2 people. If you use tents in winter and relatively high altitude areas, it is recommended to consult with professional knowledge, because in high-risk environments, the choice of equipment directly affects your safety. Generally, such an environment requires aluminum pole tents and coatings above PU1500.



Although the use of tents is not complicated, it should be said that it is a knowledge. The same tents are used properly, and the wind and rain protection effects are good, and the converse is not ideal. Of course, you can choose different tents for different purposes. Professional outdoor and amateur are different after all. When choosing, you should position clearly so that you can choose the tent you like.

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