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Must understand these 15 outdoor knowledge (III)

VIII. Equipment is not as expensive as possible

For newbies who are just playing outdoors, they don't know how to choose equipment. Fortunately, you can't make mistakes directly buying expensive ones. Of course there will be mistakes, the most important thing is the applicability of equipment for outdoor travel.


If you bought the Archaeopteryx sv jacket, it is very professional and performs very well in extreme environments. It is breathable, windproof and waterproof, but it has poor air permeability and is not suitable for ordinary outdoor travel. It's better to wear a quick-drying T.

 Trekking poles save 20% of physical strength and protect knees

Common sense when climbing trekking poles. Most people do not know why, trekking poles save 20% of their physical strength, protect their knees from injury.

But how to choose a dazzling array of trekking poles? 3 Principles: 1. Carbon aluminum alloy, lightweight; 2. External lock, easy to adjust; 3. 99.9% carbon element, not easy to break

 Reloading and walking Aotai, after all, are a minority

Novices can easily find awesome posts on the Internet, and after 3 days of reloading, I walked through Aotai. Take it for granted that the Aotai line is not difficult, and those who know it know how many people are there. If you change someone, you may not be able to get out at all.

You can have a heart of worship, but don't have a heart of comparison. If others do, you also want to try. This is the biggest taboo in the outdoors. Remember to do what you can.

 XI. People who play outdoors are very lazy

Knowing how to be lazy outdoors is the trick. Do you think people walk fast and not tired because they have good physical fitness? Of course there is this part of the reason, but the most important thing is that they know how to "lazy" and relax while walking.


XII. Drinking when it is cold will kill you

In many people's minds, drinking can keep warm. This statement is wrong. Drinking alcohol may increase the body's calories in a short time, but the process of decomposing enzymes will quickly consume the remaining calories of the body and lower the body temperature.

If you drink alcohol when the temperature is low, it is tantamount to suicide.

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