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Boring at home because of Corona-19? What should we do to keep fit?

Because of the unexpected spreading of Corona19, people are locking down at home for their safety. How long have you been away from exercise and sports because of the quarantine?


Even though during the virus period, staying home for your safety and others is very important, but staying home for too long time without working, just stay in the sofa eat and watch TV, of course you gain weight.


As I know, there are more than half of a million confirmed cases and about 18 thousands dead in the US because of the virus. People all over the world are asked to stay home for their safety, many stores and gyms suspend business due to the virus.

What kind of exercise and outdoor activities are accepted and  what are not allowed to during this special period?


Hiking and mountain climbing?

According to the provisions, hiking and mountain climbing is allowed, but need to keep social distancing to others who also are doing the same activity, the distance stipulated by the provision is 6 feet.

It is good that there are still some outdoor activities we can do during this special time, if you are enough of quarantine, make an outdoor route plan, of course, pick a spot that you think nobody or at least less people around will plan to go at the same time.


Riding a bike?

Bicycle riding outside is possible because according to the provision, bike riding is an essential activity, but also , you’ll have to keep a social distance to others while riding a bike.


Gym and work out?

You are not allowed to work bout in a gym.

Gym and body building business is not assume as an essential business. Crowd in the gym by the way could easily pass and spread the virus much less it is not possible for you to work out in the gym with your mask covering your mouth and nose. So please stay away from the gym for your safety.



Many people have the habit of jogging every day, fortunately jogging around your community is okay, but also have to keep distance from your neighbors.


Have a walk in the park?
According to the shelter-in-place order, it specially mentioned that having a walk in a park nearby can help people keep healthy no matter in physical or in mental,  so it is fine to walk in a park, remember to check up online to make sure the park is open before going.



No, camping is not allow. Every State park for camping is close, there is no camping base for you to camp.


Play tennis?

In fact every public tennis playground is closed, so I think it is not easy to find a tennis court to play. But the

shelter-in-place order didn’t say it is not allowed to play tennis in a public tennis court if you are only playing with your family.


What about playing basketball?

Different from tennis,  people are forbidden to play basketball in public or in a stadium because it violates the rule that not allowing people gathering in public.


Walk your dogs?

People are allowed to walk their dogs in the community, of course you have to wear your mask and keep the safety distance to each other.


Well, if there is no must reasons, just stay in and find out some exercise you can do indoor such as push-up, jumping rope and yoga.

Do not stay in bed or in front of the TV all the time, having a healthy body can keep you safe from the virus! Hope you can get fit and be safe in a quarantine!

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