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What are some good tips for outdoor climbing and hiking to better protect your knees?

Pain in the knee has always been a major problem for outdoor hiking. For how to treat knee joint injuries caused by outdoor sports, prevention is always more important than treatment. Regarding how to protect the knee when climbing, we now share some good suggestions to everyone without any reservations, and hope that everyone will forward to share with more people:

Outdoor climbing
1. Don't participate in outdoor activities too often. Occasionally, you can also relax and give your knees a rest to adjust your health time and opportunities.

2. Participate in outdoor activities without systematic weight training. Do not over-weight. Equipment materials are not necessary to be as simple as possible, it is best to use multiple things. It is recommended that weight-bearing actions should not exceed one third of their weight.

3. Learn to walk on different terrains and slopes with the correct footwork.

4. Use knee pads and trekking poles reasonably and correctly to coordinate walking, and reduce the pressure on the feet (especially the knee joints) and the wear of cartilage by the weight of the body and equipment. It is recommended to wear binding elastic bandages for knee protection. Adjustable elastic bandages are easy to adjust the tightness. The mountaineering cane can be adjusted slightly to facilitate the effective support and share of the impact of gravity on the feet.

5. Knee joints need to be often massaged with active oil.

6. Proper calcium supplementation is recommended to drink pure milk or yogurt every day. The protein content of milk requires more than 2.9 grams.

7. Strengthen the strength of the left and right muscle groups of the knee joint, use the strength of the muscle group to protect the knee cartilage from wearing.

8. The feet are protected by three layers of wearing cushioning; Through the thickness of multi-layered socks on the soles of the feet, it cushions and reduces cartilage impact and wear on the knee joint.

9. Before the activity, it is recommended to do warm-up exercises. Legs, knees, and ankles are indispensable for warming up. After the return of the activity, especially the multi-day mountaineering with weights, requires necessary care and maintenance in time. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital early Consult a doctor and seek medical attention.

I hope that those who love hiking will protect their knees and actively forward to share with more people.

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