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Do yoga indoor during Corona Period! (Part 1)

As Corona-19 is spreading all over the world, many people are locking themselves at home to keep safe. Staying home almost all the time, no work, no school, maybe the first one or two weeks, you are feeling relaxing and enjoy the unexpected holiday. But after 2 weeks, trust me, you will start to miss the office and can’t wait to go back to work, for there is nothing to do at home!

TV? Don’t wanna watch anymore since you’ve reviewed Game of Thrones Season 1 to Season 8.

Clean the house? You already have a spotlessly clean house after two weeks cleaning up.

Sitting in the sofa and gaining weight everyday, I don’t want to look at my belly growing bigger and bigger everyday! And it is super boring!! What else can we do to kill the time? Our necks and backs feel teribble becaus of our long-time-laying in bed or on sofa, are you feeling more tired after a long sleep? We shoud do some exercise and stretching to relax our muscles and brain!

Let’s do some yoga! The thoughT suddenly came up and it is perfect to do yoga at home! Yoga makes you peace and keeps you fit and healthy! Yoga is a mind controling training and it is easy to do nimatter you are man or woman, adult or child, no special physical body need, can do it anywhere anytime!

I would like to share some easy-to-follow yoga poses in this article. But before we start to do yoga, we need to prepare some needed things and get ready for our yoga exercise.


No. 1  A yoga mat

First of all, you’ll need a yoga mat to do yoga. Doing yoga without a yoga mat could be hurt. But how to choose a yoga mat?

My suggestion is, consider you body type. If your joints get sore easily, you may need a thicker mat or a mat with extra padding. Standard yoga mats are 1/8 of an inch thick, but go up to 1/4 of an inch. Consider a thicker mat if you like more cushioning.

Here’s another tip, a thicker mat is more comfortable for seated poses and a thinner mat is better for standing poses.

Also, you have to keep length in mind if you’re tall. The yoga mat should be a bit longer than your length. You wouldn’t want to heart your head or feet because of your mat is not long enough to protect you.


Due to the virus, it may not be easy for you to buy a yoga mat if you have no one in the house as the delivery of Amazon has been delayed recently. You can use a blanket, towel or sofa cushions to add a bit extra confort instead of buying one. Just watch out not to use it on somewhere slippy.


No.2 Clothes for yoga

The second thing to prepare is what you wear to do yoga. Wear breathable clothing in which you can move. It is not necessary to wear special yoga clothing, any fabric of clothes and pants which are comfortable and don’t restrict your movement while doing yoga. Men can wear a T-shirt and a pair of sports short. Women can wear a sports bra and leggings or a pair of sports shorts.

No.3 A speaker and some music

Yoga is tempt to make you relax and feel peace, so prepare a speaker and find some calming music or nature sounds, we are gonna play it while we do yoga. Remember not to use pop or rock music which has strong rhythm, they are too energetic and you could easily be distracted by it while you want to focus on yoga practice.

Nature sounds and relaxing music can make an atmospheric air for you to feel relax and peace in a really short time.

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