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How to find a suitable camping site when going to camp for the first time?

In recent years, people have gradually become fond of traveling by car, buying tents, hiking in the mountains and forests, and enjoying the scenery of nature. The construction of camp tents in the wild is very important, so what should be paid attention to when choosing the site of camp? Please take a look at sharing.


1. First, safety is near the water.Camping can not be separated from the water, near is the first element of choosing a camp.Therefore, when choosing a campsite, you should choose to be near the streams, lakes and rivers in order to fetch water. However, the camp cannot be located on the river beach.

Far cliffs: When camping, you cannot set up the camp under the cliff. This is very dangerous. Once the mountain is windy, stones and other objects may be scraped off, causing injuries and deaths.

Near the village: If there is anything urgent for the camp near the village, you can ask the villagers for help. It is even more important when there is no such thing as firewood, vegetables, and food. Close to the village is also a short road, that is, close to the road, to facilitate the team's movement and transfer.

Lightning protection: In the rainy season or in areas with lightning, the camp must not be set up on a high ground, under a tree, or on an isolated flat ground. That could easily lead to lightning strikes.

If you are camping in a large animal habitat, you are likely to be attacked at night.

If building a camp on a snowy mountain in winter or spring, you need to make sure the camp is not in an avalanche area.

If camping on the beach or beach, make sure the location of the camp is not affected by high tide.

2. Reasonably planning a complete campsite should be divided into tent camping area, fire area, dining area, entertainment area, water area (washing), sanitation area and other areas. The fire area should be on the downwind side and the tent should be burned with a fire star. The dining area should use the fire area nearby for cooking. Activities and their entertainment areas should be downwind of the dining area to prevent dust from the activities from contaminating tableware and other objects. The sanitation area should also be downwind of the activity area. The water area should be two sections above and below the streams and rivers. The upper section is the drinking water area and the lower section is the domestic water area.

3. Set up a tent to build a tent camping area.If there is a tent camp area composed of several tents, when setting up the tent, it should be noted that the tent doors are opened in one direction and arranged side by side. Keep a certain distance between tents. They all open in one direction and are arranged side by side. Keep a certain distance between tents. The tent is located in a comfortable location, which can increase the temperature by about 30 degrees. Do not choose the campsite at the bottom of the stream, because it is a place where cold air gathers, and do not camp on the ridge line.

4. Pay attention to protecting the environment. Minimize the generation of garbage as much as possible, and take it away. Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment.

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